Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2019

I was asked to be maid of honour in a wedding and I immediately said yes! Both my husband and I struggled on whether or not to bring our sweet girl and we ultimately decided to bring her because neither of us were ready to be away from her that long yet! So Last week our little family escaped the freezing cold on our first long(ish) flight to Puerto Vallarta.


I am SUCH a last minute packer and this trip was no different- I did start buying her clothes for his trip in the summer because I knew it would be tough finding clothes in the middle of winter! I also scoured Pinterest for packing lists and travelling to another country with a baby. And lucky for me a girl who had a baby around the same time Milly was born was currently in Mexico so I got to pick her brain a bit!

What I Packed

  1. Enough clothes for everyone for the week, including extras
  2. Hats and sunglasses for everyone
  3. Sunscreen, bug spray, and all the usual toiletries
  4. Baby Tylenol and thermometer
  5. Breast pump
  6. Baby food- we’re big on baby lead weaning but I’m glad we brought some
  7. Formula just in case
  8. Breastfeeding pillow- even though we don’t use this at home anymore it was THE BEST thing for her to nap on during long flights
  9. Snacks for mom and dad
  10. Toys to entertain baby- we brought a couple touch and feel books and some teething toys
  11. Umbrella stroller

*I asked a mommy group on Facebook about car seats, the majority of people said not to bring one and chose not to bring a car seat- I’m glad we didn’t the bus and shuttles we used didn’t have proper anchors, but this is personal preference do what you’re comfortable with.

Travel Day

The trip started a bit rough, we were first flight out and one of the engines wouldn’t start because it was almost forty below. The engine troubles caused our flight to be delayed and ultimately missing our connection in Vancouver. We ended up having to spend the night in Vancouver because there were no more flights to Puerto Vallarta that day- not the end of the world West Jet put us up for the night, gave us food vouchers and we will be reimbursed for the day missed at our resort, plus we got to have a short visit with my sister in law!!

Travel Day 2.0

The next day we got to the airport bright and early. One of the bonuses of bringing baby on flights is they put you in all the fast lanes so going through security isn’t as stressful! We got some breakfast once we got through security and then we found a place to let Milly crawl around and burn off some energy; I know gross letting your little crawl around in a filthy airport but you gotta do what you gotta do to make the flights easier on everyone- don’t overthink it, it needs to happen.

The actual flight wasn’t so bad! I made sure to breastfeed for take off and landing to help with her little ears (a bottle or soother also works great!). She slept most of the flight and when she was awake we were lucky enough to have the grooms wonderful parents sit behind us to play peek-a-boo with so there was minimal crying! I strongly recommend buying some lunch (if you didn’t pack one) in the terminal for the plane ride to avoid the overpriced, not the best, food that they offer for purchase during the flight.The most important advice I can give (that my mom gave me) is try not to stress too much, babies can feel it and react to how you’re feeling. There’s always those people that are going to say “Oh great, a baby”, but if you look around there are also tons of people who are there to encourage you and even play with your baby!

Our Stay in Mexico

We stayed a kid friendly all-inclusive resort 15 short minutes from the airport called Crown Paradise. We had a tough time getting Milly to eat anything- I think mostly because I was trying to feed her when normally she feeds herself but that wasn’t an option- so the second day there I walked over to Walmart and purchased more baby food. I bought those tube ones she could suck up and eat on her own, they ended up being our saving grace because she would only eat food from the buffet here and there.

We ended up only having one day before the wedding and that consisted of going to Walmart and a meeting with the wedding planner down there. That evening mama went out with the girls and had so much fun, probably a little too much if I’m being honest haha.

The wedding day was so emotional and beautiful! Preparations started at 9 am and the wedding started at 3 pm. Milly, Geoff and I danced until past her bedtime and then daddy stayed out.

The rest of the trip was wonderful, we spent most of our days at the pool with new friends, took turns having naps in the room with Milly, ate too much food and drank piña colada’s here and there throughout the day. We went on a baby friendly excursion to the water park and enjoyed all the “butt breaking” water slides and our wonderful new friends (don’t worry they came to Mexico with us from home) even graciously watched Milly for a couple hours while we got to enjoy a fancy dinner at an à la carte!

What I Ended Up Buying

  1. More baby food
  2. A floaty for the pool
  3. A gentler formula because the one I purchased didn’t agree with her
  4. Vanilla- it’s $7 Canadian down there, I wasn’t going to pass that up!

The Trip Home

I found the trip home a bit easier, even without the extra help from the other people who came down with us because they stayed another week. We were a bit more relaxed knowing what to expect and she slept most of the flight home!

Take Away

While the trip was fun, it was a lot different travelling to another country with a baby (obviously) and it was a huge learning experience for us. I would do it again but would maybe try a condo over an all-inclusive so we didn’t have to sit in the room with baby while she slept and hopefully feeding her would be a bit easier. I’d also try and convince our parents to come lol!


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